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    I have a problem with my passes. I need an antialiased depth(z) channel. I tried several ways to create a z channel: The normal cameraDepth pass, a custom depth pass with an inverted samplerInfo->pointCamera.z and a customColor pass with the same data.

    All pases show the same pattern if I use unified sampling, without unified everything is okay. I have contrast all buffers turned on, but no change. I hope you can see what I mean. I attached the simple maya file.

    This way these passes are simply unusable. But I hope there is a solution and the problem is on my side.

    I hope someone knows a solution for this problem. Thanks.


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    Just tried it with maya 2013 and it seems that the problem is solved.

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    Correct, fixed in

    Unified Sampling in 3.10 should also be faster than 3.9 and have cleaner edges than 3.9.1 (Anywhere from 10-20% faster with the same settings)

    You may be able to reduce your quality settings and still get a cleaner image than that setting would have given you before.

    It is also better at ignoring dark areas of a scene when using an advanced light like Native IBL or user_ibl_env.
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