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Thread: Default values for new string options?

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    Question Default values for new string options?

    Hi mental image community.

    Maybe some of you know, I've created a script to easely deal with mental ray string options in Maya:

    Because MR 3.10 is out, I've just looked at new options. I have some questions about some options (mainly what is the default value? I suppose off):
    "detail shadowmap contrast" color (default 0,0,0) << I used a scalar in my script instead of color. Is this ok? It will work?
    "rast hair disposable" <bool> ? should be off?
    "hair caps" <bool> default?
    "finalgather precomputation legacy" ??? Is this a bool value?
    "metasl technique" bool?
    "finalgather importance" (off|partial|full) default?
    "finalgather points test" bool value? what is the default value?

    More, if some of you have the real list of new string options with the good default values it could be great! This could avoid me to do mistake and spending time to search new string options in the release note.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    I think will be some discussion on this shortly, hang tight. Still trying to decide what works well or is too experimental for a few things.
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    Ok thanks!

    I think I will leave every bool options to OFF by default.

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