I have created an application that makes use of custom ssjs methods for RS 3.0 and now need to upgrade RS to 3.1.1 version. I have made many of the changes neccessary to accomodate the move from ssjs to js but have a question. I have methods to change the value of ISO, CM2, etc and in the past assigned using session.camera_inst.item["mip_film_iso"] = pValue;

How do I access these properties using the new js framework in 3.1.1 ?

I think that I have a significant lack of understanding regarding how to traverse the many objects using the "new stuff". Any documentation that maybe a little more exhaustive than what is found in /doc would be greatly appreciated. One other thing, is there a mechanism that could provide a comprehensive list of the commands that are contained in the NRS_Commands object?

Andrew Brimer
PearlNet, LLC