Hi guys... I don't know whether this is a thread better posted on the autodesk support forum. But here goes

Apprently IBL & 3d motionblur do not go well together. My rendertimes explodes by roughly
80%... I'm rendering radial 3d motion blur on the wheels & rims of a car.
I've been using an hdr at 14000x7000 px.
Whenever I drop the IBL method and use eg. skylight + FG, the renders completes in no time...

I've also tried the Median Cut algorithm, but unfortunately it generates an error everytime I try to execute the plugin in HDR shop. As of now, I'm almost left with no other choise but to use vray IBL + 3d motion blur, since it is fast and paintless. Although the quality of the vray motion blur is not quite on par with mr...

But, perhaps I'm just doing things wrong, and therfore any help/tips & tricks on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas